There are a number of options for sourcing addresses in the postcode lookup when occupiers are creating issues. These will have an influence on how they submit their issue and can be found via Setup > Settings. The default setting is 'Standard national address lookup', but please find below a description of all three settings. These can be applied on any 'Essentials' or 'Professional' system, regardless of your locale. 

Only display uploaded properties

With this option, occupiers can only report a maintenance issue against a property that is already uploaded into the system. 

This ensures no incorrect addresses are used (and thus avoid duplicates) but will prevent issue submission if the address has not been added to your Fixflo.

Occupiers can simply begin searching their postcode or address, and then choose it from the dropdown:

With this feature, you are able to amend how many characters the reporting party must enter before any addresses are shown, as well as limit the number of addresses shown. For more information on this, please click here.

If you are going to select this address search option (this is recommended) then it is important that you add new properties to your Fixflo site when you start fully managing them.

Standard national address lookup

With this option, search results will only show all matching addresses from a national address database, regardless of the properties already on your Fixflo system: 

Please note - occupiers do have the ability to edit the address lines if they wish to.

Combine national address lookup and uploaded properties

Fairly self-explanatory - this setting shows all matching addresses in your Fixflo, as well as all matching addresses from a national address database. This can reduce slightly different addresses being created, but also allows occupiers more freedom if their address isn't already saved onto the system.