When a contractor marks a job as complete, Fixflo can send out an email (and an optional SMS message - more information here) to the occupier who reported the issue to ask them if the issue has been resolved from their perspective.

Our survey also asks for feedback on the contractor and if they feel as though the issue was resolved in a timely manner. 

By default this setting is turned on and the occupier is given 7 days to provide feedback. If they do not provide feedback in the allocated time frame, then it will be assumed that the works have been completed and the issue will revert back to the agent to close the completed issue. 

When providing feedback, the reporting occupier is first of all asked 'Is the issue now resolved?'. If they select 'Yes', a few additional questions are displayed (only one of which is mandatory):

  • Please review the contractor for their recent visit & Additional information
  • Was the repair request acknowledged in good time
  • Overall how would you rate our repair service

If however, the occupier states that the issue is not resolved, then they must provide an answer as to why they consider the issue as unresolved, as well as some additional information. This provides useful information for you to understand things from their perspective:

If negative feedback is given by the occupier, the issue status will change to 'Job completed, negative feedback' so that the agent managing the issue knows to review the occupiers feedback and take best next steps to ensuring the issue has been fully resolved.

Best practice advice - customers that have enabled SMS feedback requests on have seen a 30-40% increase in the number of feedback reviews submitted. If you are really focusing on improving or monitoring customer service/experience levels, we recommend enabling this feature.

Reporting on Occupier Feedback

We recommend that you review the report in Fixflo called 'Issue feedback for contractors, from occupiers' under the Reports tab on a regular basis. This way you can make sure you are taking feedback on board and understand how your contractors are performing. You can even schedule the report to be sent to you on a monthly basis so its easy to review month on month!

You can also see a history of occupier reviews on each contractors profile.

Amending Your Feedback Settings

You can decide to turn this setting off or amend the number of days the occupier has to provide feedback if you wish. 

To do this go to Setup > Settings and scroll down to 'Issue feedback' where you can switch the setting from 'Yes' to 'No':

To amend the number of days the occupier has to provide feedback you can change the number in the 'Issue feedback days' field:

You can set anything from 0 to 28 days. If, however, 0 days is selected, this step will be bypassed, even if you have the 'Request feedback from occupier' setting switched to 'Yes'.