Industry type - Lettings

Available with - All

By default, when a Contractor marks a job as complete they have four options for how they would like to send their invoice to you. 

The four invoice options by default:

1. Invoice not required

2. Invoice sent outside the system

3. Upload invoice

4. Create invoice within the system

If you would like all Contractor invoices to be either uploaded to your system or created using Fixflo then you can change your settings to reflect this. 

To do this simply click on Setup > Settings. You will want to stay within the 'Issue settings' tab which you are in and open up the 'General' section. Here you will find the setting 'Contractor invoice options' where you will be able to make adding an invoice compulsory. 

You can choose to either let the Contractor upload the invoice or generate it within Fixflo, or just to generate it within the system. 

Remember to press 'Save settings' at the bottom of the screen. 

You can also make invoices compulsory on a per-issue basis when you are looking to instruct works to a contractor which is very helpful in that agents can select the invoice method & the option for a contractor to provide costs so contractors will no longer provide costs for jobs that do not require an invoice.