Amending Your Settings

There are a number of settings available on Fixflo, one of which allows you to make the job costs compulsory to add when a contractor is marking a job as complete on Fixflo. This is useful for reporting purposes, as it will ensure all costs are visible in your system, and can exported to report as desired.

To make this compulsory you will need Administrator rights. 

You will need to click on Setup > Settings and then open up General

Here you will find a number of settings, including 'Default contractor costs option':

You will need to select 'Provide costs' and then scroll down and press 'Save settings': 

Instructing works to your contractors

The above setting will configure the default cost options on your system. However, agents can select the invoice method & the option for a contractor to provide costs on a per-issue basis when instructing works. This is useful - for example - for jobs that do not require an invoice.


How It Looks On The Contractor's Side Once The Setting Has Been Turned On

On the contractor side of the system, the costs section will populate once they have marked the job as complete. This will look slightly different depending on the invoice method used (e.g. upload, create within the system etc), but costs will always be required: 

More information on how contractors provide costs can be found here