If you have an advanced integration set up with your Fixflo Essential or Professional site then we would recommend that you have certain settings turned on to get the maximum benefit from the integration. 

Cost settings:

You will need Administrator rights to amend your settings, please click here to learn more about user roles and permissions.

You will need to click on 'Setup' > 'Settings', where you will want to remain in the 'Issue settings' tab, scroll down and expand 'General'.

You will want to ensure that the 'Require costs' setting is switched to 'Yes' rather than 'No'. This means that when a contractor marks a job as complete they will need to provide the costs. 

Once you have amended the setting, you will need to scroll down and click 'Save settings'. 

On advanced integrations the costs pull through from Fixflo to your integration partner, so you will want this turned on so that this information is added on Fixflo and pulls through. 

Invoice Settings:

As well as costs pulling through, invoices will too, so it is recommended that you ensure all invoices are added to Fixflo when a contractor marks a job as complete. 

You will also need Administrator rights to check and amend this setting. 

Click on 'Settings' > 'Setup', remain in the 'Issue settings' tab and open up 'General' where you will find 'Contractor invoice options'.

By default this is set to 'Uploaded, generated within Fixflo or no invoice'. This will give your contractors four invoice options when they mark the job as complete:

1. Invoice not required

2. Invoice sent outside of this system

3. Upload invoice

4. Create within system

It is recommended that you amend this setting to 'Uploaded or generated within Fixflo' to ensure that an invoice is always added to the site and can pull through to the system you have integrated with Fixflo. 

As always, please remember to press 'Save settings'. 

Don't forget that your contractors can also email their invoices into Fixflo which will then automatically attach to the correct IS number (if added correctly). Please click here for more information on this.