It's important that - as agents - you understand how the contractor side of Fixflo works. This guide is aimed to educate you on what a contractor can do with their settings within Fixflo. 

For a contractor to first get into their settings they will need to log into Fixflo and go to the left-hand side and select Setup. Once here the Setup section will open into three sections. These will include:

  • Invoicing
  • Availability
  • Notifications 


The invoicing section of Setup for contractors will help contractors with using the contractor invoice email feature as well as sorting out their invoicing features such as their default VAT rate if creating an invoice using Fixflo. 

The contractor invoice feature allows for contractors to send their invoices through on Fixflo. All they will need to do is enter the IS number for the works in the file they choose to upload as well as the address they did the works at. To find out more about the contractor invoice feature click here

Invoices can also be uploaded or created when a contractor marks a job as complete. For invoices created on Fixflo, a contractor is able to set those settings. This will also include their default VAT rate.


If a contractor is taking a break from work or they are unavailable for a select period of time they are able to make themselves unavailable by putting in the dates they won’t be working. In the availability section, there is a section the contractors can use to add these dates: 

Once the contractor has set their status to unavailable you will be able to view this on their contractor profile under the 'Availability' tab. It will look similar to this:

As the agent, you actually have the ability to edit these dates. All you will need to do is click on the notepad icon beside the date a contractor has stated they are not available. 

Before inviting a contractor to quote or instructing works to a contractor, agents will see the contractor’s unavailability period, but can still perform these actions of instruct works if the date is after or before the contractor is unavailable. Contractors will still receive all notifications.


This section will include all the notifications a contractor will receive. This will include the reminder emails under the setting 'Send when you have outstanding tasks to do'; as a standard, these will be configured to 'Send every Monday':

If you would like to find out more about contractor's reminder emails you can read this article here.

Contractors can also adjust their app notification settings as well as their email settings in the notification section below