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After a contractor has completed the works you have instructed to them they will need to mark the job as complete by logging into their Fixflo account attached to your agency or by using the Fixflo Contractor Mobile App. Contractors on Fixflo will also receive a reminder email to ensure they complete works. The reminder email will look like this: 

The contractor will need to provide you with the following details (as a minimum) when completing the works:

  • Job completion date.
  • Job duration - how long the job took the contractor to complete
  • Invoice method - how the contractor intends to invoice for the job (This may vary depending on the invoice method your agency has selected. You can find out more about invoicing options here)

The contractor can optionally provide feedback to you, the agent, about the job that you have done and include any photos as evidence of the work they have completed.

Within the invoicing method, the contractor has four options:

  1. Invoice not required - for any 0 cost jobs that the contractor has to carry out (more for internal engineers)
  2. Invoice sent outside of the system - if the contractor is going to email or post their invoice outside of Fixflo
  3. Upload invoice - the contractor can simply upload their invoice that they have generated externally such as in Word or an accounting system like Quickbooks
  4. Create invoice within system - the contractor can quickly create an invoice on Fixflo using our invoice generator tool

Please note we have an additional invoice method that is not listed here - the ability for contractors to email their invoices to their unique Fixflo email address, and have their invoices auto attached to their jobs for them. Please read more about this feature here

Uploading an invoice into Fixflo

For a contractor to upload a PDF/invoice document, they will need to select the 'Click to upload' button and attach their file. 

They will also need to enter their invoice number and the invoice date in the field below. 

Some agencies prefer that contractors also input the costs of the job manually into Fixflo. If so they will need to enter in their costs (please note if a contractor has provided quote costs, this will auto-populate):

Creating an invoice in Fixflo 

If the contractor has selected the invoice generator tool, they will need to complete the relevant details to build their invoice:

  • Invoice number is compulsory
  • We recommend that they complete their 'Invoice Details' more info here, so that their VAT number, payment terms and account details automatically pull through onto their invoice for them
  • Add in all costs of the job (they can add additional lines for labour, materials or other). Tax/VAT will be applied automatically, but can be removed as necessary; everything will be added up for them so no maths is needed! The invoice will not be created if the invoice exceeds any works authorisation limits that have been applied

Once the contractor has clicked 'Create', a PDF invoice will be created and automatically send through to you, the agent. An example is below:

You will be able to view this invoice in the 'Documents' section as well as the 'Detail' section.

'Detail'' section view:

After this is done you have the ability to close the issue. To find out how to close an issue take a look at the article here.