Industry type - all

Available with - Essentials

To add a new property to your account, you will need to click on 'Properties' on the left-hand menu sidebar and then click on '+Add property' at the top of the page:

The best way to add a new property is to enter the postcode and then search for the property from the search: 

Alternatively you can click on 'Enter address manually': 

Once you are happy click 'Save' to add the property to your Fixflo site. The property/address has now been added! You will be able to see all the relevant information associated with the property and add any related occupiers/landlord/notes etc.

You can find out how to add occupiers, landlords and notes by clicking on this link here. You can also add notes to a property if you like. 

Please note - if you do not have the option to 'Add property', this will be because of user role permissions on Fixflo. Please speak with an Administrator user on your account; you can view Administrators via 'People' > 'Agents' and look at the role of each profile.