Industry type - all

Available with - Essentials

It's possible to create maintenance issues in Fixflo without a reporting party; this may be deliberate, or the property may be vacant. On the issue itself, the occupier section on the 'Detail' tab will be left empty:

Regardless of the reason, there can be instances where you need to add an occupier to the maintenance issue at a later date.

If there are already occupier profiles linked to the property, you can go to the Related tab and flag a profile as the reporting occupier:

If the profile does not exist already, you will need to click on the property hyperlink on the issue, click the Occupiers tab and create a new occupier profile using the Add occupier button. If you do not have this button, that indicates you don't have the relevant permissions to create new occupiers; speak to an 'Administrator' user within your company for further assistance.