Industry type - all

Available with - All

Fixflo has been designed to:

  • Be easy for your occupiers to use
  • Get all required information from your occupiers
  • Advise tenants when it is their responsibility to resolve an issue with guidance and advice pop-ups
  • Be translated in up to 40 different languages so that your tenants can report repair and maintenance issues in their native language

The first thing to note is that your reporting site will be branded to your agency so it will have your logo and colour scheme on it so that tenants know they are at the right place. Our guide on this can be found here.

Occupiers will need to go to your unique Fixflo site to report an issue through to your agency. This is an example of the main screen occupiers will be shown when they access your Fixflo reporting repairs site (yours would have your company logo):

Tenants can click on any tile that is relevant to the issue they are reporting (you can customise the tiles that appear here - see this guide for instructions).

1. For example, if they want to report a problem with their gas boiler, they would select the Heating & Boiler category.

2. They can then select which specific boiler or heating this is in relation to. For example, Gas Boiler or Heater and then Gas Boiler.

3. They can select the specific problem they are having with the gas boiler for example 'Boiler not working'

4. This is an example of a guidance and advice pop-up that could be used here. It is text/video suggesting a number of recommendations to try before actually reporting the issue. If a tenant tries the recommendations and still has an issue, they can press Continue

Please note these pop-ups do not appear for every type of issue report - you can add and customise when they appear - check our guide on this here.

5. The person reporting the issue is then asked to provide details such as make, model and fault detail. These are mandatory fields for this specific issue so that both you and your contractors have all the necessary information. 

 6. The tenant is then asked to add any photos, videos or audio files that help to demonstrate what the issue is. They can upload a maximum of 10 files from any device (laptop, computer, mobile, tablet). 

7. The last step requires:

  • Occupiers to enter their contact details


  • Occupiers need to then input their address details. Depending on your Fixflo system (Basic, Professional or Essentials), there may be different options available here. If you're on Professional or Essentials, please check out our guide here


  • The last pieces of information they can add are :
  • Any additional notes if they wish
  • They need to determine if they want to be present when works are carried out or not (if they select yes they will see a warning that alerts them they may be liable for a call-out charge if they are not there at the agreed time)
  • They need to let you know if there is a vulnerable occupier at the property
  • Agree to T&Cs (these outline that Fixflo is not liable for carrying out works, and that the details are provided to you)

They can then press Submit Issue.

The tenant will receive a confirmation message that the issue has been submitted and they will also receive an email with all details of their reported issue for their reference.