Industry type - all

Available with - Essentials

We highly recommend that you use a reporting method which encourages reporting occupiers to select their property from a profile that already exists in your Fixflo account - please refer to our guide here for more information.

This article explains how to edit the address on an issue. If you need to edit the property address in general, you can find out how to do so in our guide here

Depending on the setting outlining how occupiers can report maintenance issues (guide linked above), there may be cases whereby a maintenance job is reported at the incorrect property. It is important that - for reporting and historical maintenance purposes - you ensure that the Fixflo issue is updated so that it reflects the correct property.


If this happens, you are able to edit the address of the issue so that it nests at the correct property profile:

Once you've clicked to edit the issue, select the 'Occupier setup' tab which hosts details of the occupier profile and the address of the issue. Here, you will see all of the details provided when reporting - it's likely that they will currently match: 


On the right-hand side are the issue details - here you can amend the personal details of the reporting occupier, as well as the address details they have provided; these will update on the issue only. 

If for example you also need to ensure that changes are made to the occupier profile too, the red cross will indicate when the line items don't match; you're encouraged to use the arrow icon to update the profile as well as the issue so that the data is accurate. For example, in the below screenshot the issue has been updated to reflect '54A Lyndhurst Way' rather than '54 Lyndhurst Way'; the user can now click the arrow to apply this to the occupier profile, which will lead to a green lock - they can then save the changes to apply this:

Once changes have been saved, go back to the issue, where the address will have been updated:

Please note that this process will not change the original property profile. If this is required, please follow our guide here on how to archive, or our guide here on how to merge properties.