Industry type - all
Available with - All

Companies go through changes, and sometimes are acquired by other businesses. In these instances, it is quick and easy to amend the details in your Fixflo system to reflect the new branding.

To re-brand your logo and colour scheme, check out our guide here. For everything else, please contact a member of the Fixflo Customer Support  team via and provide the following information: 

  • Your new company name
  • Your preferred new company URL (usually in the format 
  • Your new website URL

The Fixflo team will then amend your system for you, and set-up a redirect from the old URL to the new one.

Don't forget to also amend any templated pop-ups, and the email addresses you use for your profiles. It is also important to re-promote your Fixflo system to your occupiers, this time with the new URL. We have a free course on how to best promote Fixflo to your occupiers available on Fixflo Academy. Please click here to see how you can sign up to this.

That's it! Enjoy using your newly branded system.