Click here to see the best way to promote Fixflo to your occupiers 

To help you promote your Fixflo site to your occupiers we have created two flyers which can be found within your Fixflo site itself. 

Your flyers will be branded with your logo and colour scheme and are great to use for both welcome packs and mid-term inspections. 

As well as being printed these can be attached to emails if you would like to be green. 

To find your flyers you will need to login to your Fixflo account and click on 'Promote' on the left hand menu sidebar:

Once you've clicked on the 'Promote' section you'll need to go to 'Promote to your occupiers'.


After clicking through you will see that the occupier flyers sit towards the top of the page. 

There are two flyers available:

1. A pre-prepared flyer for your occupiers

This will highlight the benefits of you occupiers using Fixflo, an example is below:

This will be branded with your logo, colour scheme and URL. 

2. Occupiers user guide

The second flyer available helps occupiers to understand just how easy it is to use Fixflo in 3 easy steps. Please find the example below:

Once again this will be branded with your logo, colour scheme and URL.