Promotion is key and can really help to boost how often your occupiers report issues via Fixflo. It's important to know how many issues are reported by occupiers compared to agents as this may show that perhaps you need to further promote your Fixflo site to your occupiers or you could use these stats to see how well your promotions have been working within the past month. 

Firstly, what you'll need to do is go into your Fixflo site and go into your reports. You can find your reports by going to the left hand side and clicking on reports.  

Secondly, you'll need to search for a specific report. This will be under 'Issues - raised by agent vs other' This is a report that gives a per-month breakdown of issues, split by whether they were raised by an agent, an occupier or someone else.  

Once you click through to the report you will then be shown a table with the following headers. 

From here you should now be able to see how many issues were raised by agents and occupiers within a given month. Additionally you are able to see how many of the issues in the past month were also raised by landlords, contractors and if you are on Fixflo Professional you will see how many have been raised through planned maintenance.

You can check the report and see that it shows 'Percent raised by agents'. This would be very useful to look at and if there is a high percentage of issues being raised by agents it would be best to start promoting your Fixflo system to your occupiers again. You can find out the best ways to promote your Fixflo professional site by watching this webinar video titled How To Promote Your Fixflo Professional Site

If you would like this report sent to you on a frequent basis you can click on 'More options' towards the top of the page and fill out your preferences below to ensure you get the email when you want. Once you're done you can either click 'Save' and wait to be emailed or you can press 'Save and send email now' to receive an instant email.