Click here to see the best way to promote Fixflo to your occupiers 

Promoting your Fixflo site to your occupiers is extremely important in order to ensure that the usage of your system is the best it can be. A simple way of doing this would be to use a phone tree to deflect telephone calls from tenants attempting to report issues.

If you don't currently have a phone tree and are aware that historically occupiers have called to try and report maintenance issues, then you may want to consider getting one. An example phone tree can be as follows:

"Thanks for calling [Agency name]. If you are a tenant trying to report a maintenance issue, please press one.

To contact the Sales team, please press two.

To speak with the Lettings department, please press three.

For all other enquiries, please hold."

Once an occupier presses number one, you could then use the following script:

"Maintenance issues must be reported via our Fixflo reporting tool. You can access this tool by visiting our URL at [company name] or by Googling [company name] plus the word Fixflo - that's F I X F L O.

Your report will be sent directly to the Property Management team, who will be in touch shortly."

This will help encourage your occupiers to use your Fixflo reporting tool, and prevent them from reporting issues to you via the phone. 

Alternatively, if you have promoted Fixflo within your own website (guide here), we would recommend directing occupiers towards your own website, and then your reporting page from there.