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Promoting your Fixflo site to your occupiers is extremely important in order to ensure that the usage of your system is the best it can be.  

Two ways of doing this is to amend your voicemail and your phone tree to help direct phone calls into Fixflo reports. 


Amending Your Voicemail

Voicemails can be difficult to hear and information can be missed from a voicemail, this will lead to you having to contact the occupier for more information about the maintenance issue. 

If you amend your voicemail and ask occupiers to go to your Fixflo site instead, you are more likely to end up with complete Fixflo reports rather than voicemails, meaning that you can resolve the issue more efficiently for your occupiers.


We have created a template that you can use when amending your voicemail You can make any changes to this template if you wish.

Our offices are now closed, if you wish to report a maintenance issue please visit our repair reporting website. Our repair reporting website can be found at the following web address: (your agency's Fixflo website e.g.

Reporting your issue online will enable us to deal with your repair quicker and more efficiently. Thank you.  

We recommend that you spell out your Fixflo URL to occupiers so that they fully understand where to go to report maintenance issues and that there is no confusion. 

Amending Your Phone Tree

If you have a phone tree set up when people call your office, you may want to amend this to let occupiers know that rather than continuing with the phone call, they would be better off going to your Fixflo URL to report the maintenance issue. 

If you do not have a phone tree then it may be worth considering getting one, this is an excellent way to turn phone calls into Fixflo reports, reducing the number of calls you receive. 

Please remember to spell out your URL on the phone tree as well, the clearer the message is, the more successful it will be.