Fixflo allows you to white-label your account so that your company's logo and colours appear on both the agent, occupier, contractor and landlord sides of Fixflo.

You will need to have Administrator rights to add your logo and colour scheme. 

You will be able to do so by following the instructions of the recording below. 

If you're looking to change your logo and colour scheme on Fixflo you will need to click on 'Setup' > 'Design' on your left hand menu sidebar. 

You will then be able to add your logo by clicking on the image below.


You can also edit the size and position of your logo. Simply change the values under 'Height' and 'Padding'.

Once you are done, for the changes to take effect press 'Save'.

Changing The Colour Scheme

You can also set the colour to match your branding. This can be done under the 'Banner background colour' and you can also choose to change the colours under the login bar. To get an exact colour match, speak to your marketing team or use the tool below, to get the colour code and this can be added after the #.

Again, once you are happy with everything remember to press 'Save'.

You can use this tool to identify the colour codes from your logo -

To understand how this will look on your Fixflo site you can see the left hand side of the page will change as you add your logo and amend the colour scheme: