There may be occasions where you need to manually link a landlord profile to property. For example, if you have just taken on board a new landlord, and need to add their properties onto your Fixflo system.

This is easy to do using the following steps:

  • Create the landlord profile using People > Landlords
  • Create the property via the Properties tab
  • Click onto the property profile itself, and go onto the Landlords tab. Here, you can search for the landlord profile you have created, and add them in. Click below for a video:

Please note - if there are any Fixflo issues created before a landlord profile is created, these will not have a landlord attached to them. You will need to manually attach the landlord to the issue via the 'Detail' tab.

  • If you wish to remove a landlord from a property you can click on the bin icon next to the landlord's name. A pop-up will then appear letting you know what happens when you remove a landlord from the property: