To get the most out of your Fixflo system, we recommend that you add all of your landlords to the system. This will allow you to inform landlords about works being reported at their property, send comments to landlords through the 'Comments' tab and also seek their approval of quotes given by contractors.

Fixflo will never automatically inform a landlord of maintenance issues reported at their property, unless you instruct the system to do so.

To add a new landlord, users can go to the People tab on the left-hand navigation menu and click Landlords.

At the top, you will be able to click on the Add new landlord button to add a landlord manually:

Please note - if this option is not available to you, this is due to user role permissions. Please speak with an administrative user on your Fixflo system.

If you would like to add a large number of landlords at the same time, this can be done using an import document. You can get in touch with us to request this by emailing

Once a landlord is associated with a property profile, they will be pre-selected as the landlord for new issues at that property until you change the landlord.