Industry type - Lettings

If you have multiple landlords assigned to certain properties on Fixflo, you may want to include all landlords on any invoices which are created on Fixflo. 

This can be amended as a setting and on a per issue basis. 

Amending this as a setting: 

If you are going to always want to include all of your landlords on invoices generated on Fixflo then it is worth amending the setting, as this will make instructing jobs onto contractors quicker moving forward.

To do this you will need to have Administrator rights. You can learn more about user roles and permissions here.

Simply click on 'Setup' on your left hand menu side bar and then 'Settings' from the dropdown available. You will need to select the 'Invoicing' tab and then scroll down slightly. 

You will find a setting 'Add all landlords to invoice'. By default this will be set to 'No', but you can amend this if you wish by selecting 'Yes' and then pressing 'Save settings'. 

That's it! Going forward this will now be the default when you instruct jobs onto contractors using the Fixflo workflows

Amending this on a per issue basis:

As you instruct issues onto a contractor on Fixflo, there are a number of fields you will need to fill out first. This will include information about the invoice. 

There is a field for who the invoice should be addressed to. If you amended your setting (as shown above) then when you go to instruct the works 'All landlords' will show in the field: 

You can always amend this on the dropdown available:

The invoice: 

Once created on Fixflo, the invoice will then contain all of the landlords names: