Industry type - all

Available with - Essentials

If you import the relevant data, landlords will have access to Fixflo. This is useful so that you can use the relevant workflow of 'Request landlord advice' (guide here), as well as comment to landlords as and when required.

Fixflo will never automatically keep landlords in the loop when an issue is reported at one of their properties, but you can do so at the click of a few buttons, using the 'Landlord - FYI' within the Actions button of an issue:

It is useful to know what else landlords can see from within their profile. If a landlord were to login to their Fixflo account, they would be able to see any tasks they are yet to complete - e.g. reviewing quotes - as well as issues in progress at their properties, completed jobs and issues reported by them:

As such, your landlords can always login to their account and see the status of any issue that has been raised against their properties. They are able to click into any issue, and see the issue status, and an explanation of what that means on the 'Next steps' tab:

Landlords also have a 'Detail' tab, where they can access the issue details including any photos/videos that were attached when reporting. Please note, the personal details of the reporting occupier - phone and email address - are not provided to the landlord.

Within the 'Comments' tab, a landlord can only ever send a comment to the assigned agent; they cannot contact occupiers or contractors - this field is grayed out and can't be edited:

The only instance where this will change is if you allocate the works to the landlord to resolve, or they choose to resolve the works when you request their advice. In these cases, they will be provided with occupier details so they can arrange access to complete works. 

Your landlords can also download the issue in PDF format for their own records, via the Actions button of an issue. This will show them all of the issue details in a nice and clear format, while once again hiding the personal details of the reporting occupier:

When they open an issue, the email address is visible to the landlord. If you'd like to change this you can go into Setup > Settings > Issue settings > Open the 'General' section > Amend 'Hide agent email address from landlord' to Yes

This is where the changes will appear.

Finally, landlords can raise maintenance reports from within their Fixflo profile. This will create a new Fixflo issue with 'No reporting occupier' - if you look at the detail tab or the audit tab of the issue, it will clearly show that it was raised by a landlord profile.