If you wish to review a list of recently received issue reports, please Login to your Fixflo account and follow the steps below.

Click on Issues > Issues Search.

You can now review a list of issues.

The list of issues is shown in date order with the most recently created at the top of the list. 

If you use Fixflo Professional, you will be able to see how many days it has been since the issue was reported  which will be shown with a red number, as well as the priority (that is automatically assigned by Fixflo based on issue type) on the issue.

You can filter the list by clicking the drop down arrow next to the magnifying glass.

You can change the way the list is ordered by clicking on 'Sort'.

There are a number of other options available if you click on the 'Options' button such as exporting the list of issues into a CSV or PDF document.Please note, If you use Fixflo Basic you will not see Cost of Works, Landlord, or Contractor on the below menu.


If you use Fixflo Essential or Professional you will have noticed there are several different ways to check when a recent report has come through. Although everyone's dashboard is different, as it is fully customisable, there is a default panel for newly reported issues. This will be a panel under the name 'Reported issues to do' which shows all issues on the 'reported' status. This should be the first thing on your 'to do list'. The reported status is the first status an issue receives once an occupier has completed reporting their issue. 

Just as mentioned above once you have clicked through this on the dashboard a list of issues is shown in date order with the most recently created at the top of the list.

There are also other reported issue panels you can use which have been listed for you below:

Reported issues -Count of reported issues

Reported issues- List of reported issues, oldest first

Reported issues - List of reported issues, newest first

Reported issues to do - Count of reported issues with a chase date in the past

To find out more about how to use and understand the Fixflo dashboard, you can view this webinar.