Industry type - all

Available with - Essentials

In Fixflo you can add tags to all key entities such as properties and all user types to help categorise your data. You can also add tags to your issues to help with searching, reporting and tracking your issues too!

Issue tags can be used for lots of different use cases. Some of the main use cases that we see issue tags being useful for include:

  • Out-of-hours issues
  • Insurance jobs
  • Void works
  • Recall jobs
  • Major works
  • Awaiting tenant information
  • Awaiting contractor parts
  • Certain service types e.g. plumbing issues, heating issues
  • Jobs by property lifecycle e.g. move in issues, checkout issues, inspection issues
  • Section 20 jobs (Block management)

Adding Tags to issues

Adding a tag to an issue is simple! Simply go to your issue and click the 'Add tag' button at the top of the issue under the Actions button.

You can then enter in the tag that you want to apply and hit enter or select it. You can apply multiple tags to issues if you wish and then press 'Save':

 The tag will then be applied to the issue:

You can click on the 'X' on the tag to remove it.

Searching for issues with a specific tag

If you want to see a list of all the issues you have with a specific tag, you can do this by going to Issues > Issue Search. This will provide you with a list of open issues as a standard view, and you can see at a glance whether a job has an issue tag associated with it:

You may also want to use our advanced search filter option by clicking the drop-down arrow.

You can then use the 'Tag' option to select any issue tag (you can only search by one tag at a time right now) and then press 'Search' to show a list of results.

This will return a list of issues that match your filters. You can then always export this into a CSV by clicking 'Options > Export to CSV'.

Creating dashboards using issue tags

If you are a Fixflo Manager user, you will be able to create custom dashboard panels using issue tags. For example, if you have a separate team that manages void works or major works, you can ensure all issues are tagged appropriately and create custom dashboard panels that only show these relevant jobs.

For more information about this feature please see this guide here.

Another way to group issues together is to create Projects. Please note this is only available if you're using Fixflo Manager. For more information of how Projects work, please read our guide here and reach out to or your account manager if you're interested.