Industry type - all

Available with - Essentials

Using Our Global Search Bar

There is a global search bar available at the top right hand corner of your screen. You can use this to search for anything; people, properties or a specific IS number. 

There is a dropdown  on the right hand side of the search bar and this will open up a number of filters for you, allowing you to filter before you search:

Alternatively you can use the filter function once you have searched: 

Once you are happy with your search you can click into the issue to progress it, or the property or person to go to their profile. 

Using 'Issue search'

There may be times when you want to manipulate your data or filter your issues further into various categories, such as those awarded to certain contractors, certain fault types, those that are planned maintenance works etc.
Fixflo allows you to apply various filters to easily search for particular maintenance issues.

To find all of your issues, click on the 'Issuses' > 'Issue search':

This will initially show all of your open issues:

Use the down arrow to open up all of the search parameters Fixflo has available:

Here, you can apply the fields you wish to help you search for the issue(s) you're looking to find!

There are a large number of filters in this search section, such as 'Close reason' and 'Status changed'. These are in place to allow you to track and monitor jobs in multiple different ways. For example, you may wish to:

- Filter jobs by a group of properties with a certain property/unit tag or multiple property tags
- View jobs with the close reason of 'Works completed' within the last quarter
- View jobs awarded to a certain contractor within a particular time-frame
- View all jobs raised against a specific fault category
- View all reactive jobs raised against properties with a warranty end date in the current month

From here, all result sets can be exported into a CSV file to report on! If you are using the multiple dashboard feature, you can also create a saved search and apply this as a dashboard panel as required.