You can easily add building safety documents to a block, which can then be added to an issue when you come to progress it to a contractor. 

To add the document you will need to click on 'Properties' > 'Blocks' and then select the desired block. From here you will need to click on the 'Documents' tab and select 'Add document':

You will now need to select 'Building Safety' as the document type:

Once you are happy simply click 'Save'. 

You will then be able to see exactly which parties will be able to view permissions - we would recommend that you also tick 'Contractor' here and then press 'Save':

These documents can now be attached to issues as you progress them onto contractors, and can also be sent to occupiers & leaseholders using building notifications.

Should you ever need to bulk download building safety documents from a building profile, simply navigate to the 'Documents' tab, filter the document type as necessary and use the 'Options' button to 'Bulk download'. Select the relevant file(s) required and wait for the email with the documents to be sent:

You can find the full instructions for this in this article.

Add tags to documents + ability to filter them

We also have the ability to add tags to submitted documents, which can help agents sort documents by type and make the filtering easier overall. 

The way to add a tag to a document is by selecting the document of choice:

Once inside the document select > Add tag on the left top corner:

Type the word or words you would like to use for the tag > Hit Save:

You will be able to see the tag you have just added and add more tags if necessary:

If needed, you can filter by tags which will allow you to identify which documents you have tagged with a specific word or words:


Simply click on the Tag field, and type the name of the tag you want to search for:

Once selected, only the documents with that specific tag will appear in the results: