Industry type - Lettings

Available with - Essentials

Landlords just like agents will sometimes need to log into Fixflo to complete works or help move a reported issue forward. If you import the relevant data, landlords will have access to Fixflo. This is useful so that you can use the relevant workflow of 'Request landlord advice' (guide here).  In this guide, we will show how the landlord can log into Fixflo, what the landlord can see once they've entered Fixflo and how they can create an issue themselves.

Login Portal

For a landlord to log into Fixflo they will need to log in just like an agent. This means this will need to go to your unique Fixflo URL to get in. Once they are on your Fixflo site they will need to go to the top right corner of the page and log in. 

Issues Screen

Once a landlord has logged into your unique Fixflo site, they will be taken to the issues page. This will show them all the issues they are related to. Similar to agents, a landlord can see the unique IS numbers attached to issues, as well as the issue title and the issue status. 

As shown above, there are different sections and stages of an issue that the landlord can check:

Your tasks to do - These are tasks that have been left with the landlord. This can include landlord instructions that need to be given, quotes that the landlord has received or they may need to mark a job as complete. 

Jobs awaiting completion - This would be where a landlord would need to mark a job as complete. 

In progress - These are issues that are being progressed at the property the landlord is attached to. 

Completed - All works that have been completed at the property the landlord is attached to. 

Reported by me - Issues raised by the landlord. 

Issue Search

Landlords are able to search issues they are attached to. They are able to search for the issue via the issue name, address, or the unique issue ID. Landlords are also able to filter searches by clicking on the grey dropdown button. From here they can choose filters such as the status of the issue, the time when the issue was raised as well as the priority level of the issue. 

Create Issue 

Landlords can also create issues just like an occupier or an agent would. The landlord is able to follow the simple 5 step process in reporting the issue and can report it with or without an associated occupier. This will create a new Fixflo issue with 'No reporting occupier' - if you look at the detail tab or the audit tab of the issue, it will clearly show that it was raised by a landlord profile.

Issue Page

Similar to agents, landlords also have a workflow and tabs which they can follow on an issue's journey to being completed. As mentioned previously the landlord is able to see the issue status, the address and title of the issue.

The tabs are described below:

Next steps tab - Landlords will always land on the next steps tab when clicking on an issue. This is where an issue is progressed and may vary depending on what option the landlord and agents have chosen.

Detail - All the details regarding the issue will be here. This will include occupier details, the fault detail and media attached to the issue. Landlords will only see the occupier contact information if they have been awarded the job.

Comments - This is where a landlord can communicate with the agent. Landlords can only comment to occupiers if they have been awarded the job. The only instance where this will change is if you allocate the works to the landlord to resolve, or they choose to resolve the works when you request their advice. In these cases, they will be provided with occupier details so they can arrange access to complete works. If they message the occupier, the agent will have visibility of that. 

Appointments - Any appointments attached to the issue. Landlords can cancel the appointment and also add follow up appointments.

Landlords also have the ability to report another issue at the property or view an issue as a PDF by clicking on the 'Actions' button and selecting 'View issue as a PDF'.

Keeping Landlords In The Loop 

Fixflo will never automatically keep landlords in the loop when an issue is reported at one of their properties, but you can do so at the click of a few buttons, using the 'Landlord - FYI' within the Actions button of an issue:

Your landlords can also download the issue in PDF format for their own records, via the Actions button of an issue. This will show them all of the issue details in a nice and clear format, while once again hiding the personal details of the reporting occupier: