There may be times where an occupier or landlord would like to view the certificates or issue photos related to issues or planned works at their properties. This can be done very simply. 

Firstly, the occupier would need to log into your Fixflo site. After logging in they will need to click on the 'My property' section. 

Once here, they will then need to click on the 'Documents' tab on their property.

When they have clicked on the Documents tab they will have the ability to view documents that are attached to the property. This will include certificates like Gas safety certs & EICRs and will also include issue photos, invoice documents and reactive completion documents. Your occupier will also be able to see whether a certificate is valid and when the certificate will expire.

When a document is uploaded to the property, there is also the option to send an automatic email out informing the occupier that the document has been uploaded. This can be turned on via Setup > Settings > Notifications > Occupier Notification Defaults.

The email that is sent out to the occupier will contain the document as an attachment, as well as a link to view the document on their Fixflo portal.

Landlords also have the ability to view documents like this by following the same steps as described above. The difference here is that the landlord may have several properties to choose from compared to the occupier's one.