Some agencies like add a commission fee onto quotes provided by contractors. This is possible to do on Fixflo without it being made clear to landlords or contractors that the commission is in place. 

First of all, you will need to use the workflow Request quotations. Once the quotes have been received by your contractor(s), the issue status will be in 'Request for quotes ended' and the issue status will lie with you as the agent:

On the 'Next steps' tab, you can click onto the contractor icon(s) to show submitted quotes.The contractor will be in bold and the arrow will sit underneath them:

 You will then be able to click on 'Show submitted quote(s)':

This will show you the quotes which have come in and you will need to scroll to the bottom of the quote to the 'Works cost' section:

You can edit this section. This is what the landlord will then see if they are shown the quote. If you would like to send the quote(s) onto a landlord to approve it before you award the job, then please click here for guidance on how you would do this.

This example quote is showing to be £100. If I wanted to add on 10% then I would need to add £10 to this amount and have this to be the full inclusive amount, so I would change this to £110 and then press 'Save and submit quote'. Only the 'Net' and 'VAT' can be changed. The total will be worked out for you: