Fixflo prevents the same email address being used by a landlord and an occupier. This means if a landlord accidentally adds themselves as an occupier, they can't exist in the system as a landlord.

Thankfully, this is easy to rectify. First you will want to amend the occupier details by removing the email address and then archive the occupier:

You will want to find their profile by going to People > Occupiers. You can find the desired occupier using the search bar:


You will need to click into the occupier's profile and scroll down to their email address, remove it, archive the occupier by changing the 'Is archived' field from 'No' to 'Yes' and then click 'Save':

You will now be able to add the landlord onto the system. Click on People > Landlords

At the top of the screen there is a 'Add new landlord' button which you will want to click on:

Once you have added the landlord they will receive an e-mailing welcoming them to Fixflo. 

Editing The Landlord Welcome Email

You can edit the welcome email which landlords receive. You will need Administrator rights to do this. Please click here to read more about User Roles and Permissions. 

Click on Setup > Content Edit and scroll down to 'Email - Welcome Landlord':

You can make any changes you like, just remember to press 'Save' once you are happy with the email.