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It is super easy to keep your landlords in the loop on Fixflo. 

Just click on the desired issue and go to the Actions button on the top of the screen. This will open up a drop down and you can select Landlord - FYI. This will then send out an email to the landlord with an update. It sends out immediately, so make sure you're certain before you click!

To see the PDF document which the landlord will receive, you can click on 'Landlord version' via the Actions button:

The PDF is the same that you receive when the issue is reported, but without the personal details of the reporting occupier (email address and telephone number).
In order to send the FYI to the landlord, you will need to ensure that the landlord is attached to the issue first. To see this, simply go to the Detail tab where you will be able to see if there is a landlord attached to the issue, and who that landlord is:

If there is no landlord attached, you can click on Change to add one.

Tip: Administrator users can amend the wording of the FYI email to landlords through Setup > Content edit > Email - Issue - Landlord FYI.

You also have the opportunity to automatically keep your landlords in the loop using Fixflo's Co-pilot tool