Fixflo has various email notifications that allow you to be instantly kept in the loop when various actions happen. These include:

- Issues/jobs progressing in various states
- When certification is uploaded by contractor users
- When service agreements are soon due to expire
- A weekly usage email, sent every Monday

There are two places in which these email notifications can be configured:

  • At agency level
  • At individual user level

Agency level

If you want to set a configuration for all agent users - or the vast majority of them - it is recommended that you configure this at 'agency level'. Any Administrator user has the ability to do this via Setup > Settings > Notifications. Here, the default settings for all of your agent users (and other users) can be configured:

Any setting saved here will thus apply to all of your agent users. Please note that these users will have the ability to edit this on their own personal profile if desired.

User level

User level notifications allow individual users to receive emails as per their personal preference. This is configured by clicking their own name in the top-left of the screen and into View profile > Notification settings. Here, the user is provided with an editable overview of their own email notifications, and can amend these as desired:

Administrator users also have the ability to click via People > Agents, view the profile of colleagues and edit their notification settings on their behalf. 

If - for example - only one of your ten staff members should be receiving an email notification when a contractor uploads a certificate, then it is advised you:

  • Switch off this notification for all agents at agency level
  • Go to the profile of the individual who should receive the email, and switch the notification on for them specifically