It is important that you review your notification settings to make sure you are getting all the right alerts to the right place.

Contact Settings

In order to make sure that your email notifications are going to the right place, please check that the central email address and any CC email addresses are correct.

To do this click on Setup > Settings and go to the 'Contact settings' tab ('Administrator' users only). Here you can enter your central email address and any CC email addresses in the field underneath. The central email address field is mandatory. 

These email addresses will receive new issue reports (unless you set up automatic assignment).

If you enter more than one email address in the CC email addresses field, please ensure that these email addresses are separated by a semicolon: 

Notification Settings

Before you decide on which notification settings you are receiving, you can decide on who these emails go to, either the person assigned to the job, or you can centralise all system emails to the central email address.

To change these settings for the email notifications you are receiving, go to Setup > Settings and then click on the 'Notifications' tab.

Towards the top of the page you will see it says 'Some agencies prefer all issue related emails to be sent to a single inbox.' Then at the side in bold it reads: 'Redirect issue notifications from the agent assignee(s) to the central email address'. If you select 'No' then all notifications will be sent to the agent assigned to the issue, if you select 'Yes' the notifications will be sent to the central email address(es). 

If you have selected 'Yes', all email notifications will be sent to the central email address. If this is the case then all notification settings can be viewed and changed below. You will want to remain in the 'Notifications' tab and scroll down to where it says 'Notification defaults'. Here you can make the necessary changes.

If you are receiving too many or too few notifications, you may want to consider making changes to these settings. 

If you have selected 'No' and all notifications are going to agents who are assigned the jobs, notification settings changes can also be made on a per-agent basis. To make these changes, click on People > Agents and into the desired agent who would like to change their notification settings. You will find a tab called 'Notification settings':

Within this tab you will be able to view and edit the notification settings set up for this particular agent.