Industry type - Lettings

Available with - Essentials

For a comprehensive list of emails sent from the Fixflo system, please click here.

Fixflo helps to ensure that nothing is forgotten, and sends automatic reminder emails to different users to aid in this process.


Contractors will receive daily emails reminders (branded with your logo) for any of their outstanding tasks. This could include tasks such as providing quotations, marking jobs as complete or booking in appointment dates:

This will also include any reminders to upload certification documents if you are using Fixflo to manage insurance and accreditation documentation:


If you have asked landlords to provide advice on works in regards to next steps, allocated a job to them or requested that they review quotations, they will also receive reminder emails of their outstanding tasks:


If you have requested feedback from a tenant once an issue has been marked as complete, they will have X amount of days to get back to you before you close the issue down (depending on your settings).

If they do not get back to you on the first day, they will receive a reminder email each day asking for their feedback on the issue.

Please note: Landlords, Contractors, Occupiers and Leaseholders can all change the frequency at which they receive these emails (or turn them off completely). 

As an Agent, you can change this for them in bulk via Setup > Settings > Notifications, or you can set them against individual people profiles by clicking on the profile and then going to the Notification tab.

They can also change this themselves by logging on to Fixflo and then clicking Notification Options on the left-hand menu (Setup > Notifications for contractors).

The default setting is "Send every Monday". And the email will be sent between 6am-9am local time for the user.