Please note, only 'Administrator' users in your Fixflo system can archive agent profiles. For a more comprehensive guide to processes when you get new staff, and when a colleague leaves the business, please click here.

If someone from your team has left, changed branch or email address and you need to remove them from your system, you can simply lock them out. This means:

  • They can no longer access your Fixflo account
  • They will no longer receive any Fixflo related emails

To do this simply go to your list of Agents under the People tab on your side menu.

Select the Agent you wish to archive.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and hit the Archive button when ready (you can always unarchive at a later date):

Prior to archiving, it is imperative you amend the assignment rules configured for the agent (landlord, postcode and/or property) as well as reassign any open jobs. Click here for more information.