Keeping your data up to date on Fixflo is key. If an occupier vacates a property then you will want to ensure that the occupier is archived from your Fixflo site. 

There are two ways to do this: 

1. Yourself, as an agent

2. The occupier can archive themselves 

How you can archive an occupier: 

We always encourage that you keep on top of your data at all times. If an occupier vacates a property it is a good idea to have a 'Check out' process when occupiers move out of their property. Please click here for a guide on how to lock occupier profiles out of the system.

How occupiers can archive themselves:

From the occupiers perspective, if they no longer rent one of your properties, they can update this themselves on Fixflo.

If they receive an email in error regarding a property they no longer live at, they can use the link (included in all email correspondence to your occupiers) that says No longer an occupier at this address? Let us know:

This link will take them to their Fixflo portal, where they will be able to archive their own profile if necessary:

This means that you will have to do less housekeeping yourself, as your occupiers can clear themselves off your system if they get emails that are no longer concerning them.