It is possible to delete a leaseholder profile should they request that you remove all of their data. However, if a leaseholder moves out, we would suggest that you archive them.

This will mean the leaseholder no longer has access to your Fixflo site to raise issues. It also stops them from coming up under your Leaseholders tab without a specific amendment to your search parameters. In addition - and maybe most importantly - it means you won't accidentally email them!

Fixflo will keep a record of all past issues for a minimum of 6 years.

To archive, a leaseholder from your system, go to People > Leaseholders from the left-hand navigation.

After you are on your list of leaseholders you will need to find the specific leaseholder and click through to their profile. Once you are on the profile scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the 'Archive' button. The archive button will say archive and show a lock pad.  

You can always unarchive these leaseholders if need be, for example, if you only wanted to archive someone temporarily:

Within Leaseholders, simply change the filter titled 'Is account locked' to show 'Archived only', and you can locate your locked out leaseholder, and press the padlock icon to go to their profile where you can then unarchive them. 

Additionally, if you are on an issue and click into the 'Related' tab, you can lock out leaseholders from the property here. To do this all you would need to do is click on the lock pad beside a leaseholder's profile. 

Once  leaseholder's profile has been archived, a button to Delete the profile will be available for GDPR purposes. Simply click via People Leaseholders, select the profile you have archived, scroll down and hit Delete occupier:

We recommend deleting a leaseholder if that is what they have requested. Once you've deleted the leaseholder, their profile will be anonymised, which means information such as their email address, phone number and name will be removed from Fixflo and all that will remain on their profile is their tenant number. This will appear on any issues the deleted occupier has been attached to instead of their name.