As an agent, you may sometimes have to have leave from work and you have had your colleague fill in for you. Whatever the reason may be for your time away from work you may notice that you have come back to Fixflo with a lot of unread comments. There may be a large number of these to read and it may take too long to go through all of these. If you know your colleagues have covered you whilst you were away from work and you wish to get rid of all of the unread comments we have a very quick solution for this.

You will know you have unread comments on Fixflo as they will appear in an envelope in the top-left of your Fixflo site:

First you will need to go to your profile by clicking on the 3 dots beside your name and clicking on view profile:

Once you've clicked here you will need to scroll down to a section that says 'Mark all comments as read': 

After clicking on 'Mark all comments as read' a pop up will appear asking if you wish to mark all your comments as read: 

If you wish to mark all your comments as read click on the 'Mark all comments as read' button. A pop-up will appear saying that the task has been queued. This essentially means that all the comments will be cleared within the background on Fixflo. 

After the site has done clearing the comments you will notice there are no longer any unread comments in the top left corner: