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The comments tab is a key feature of Fixflo Essentials and Professional as it allows you to communicate with all parties on any issues and allows you to add private notes to your issues. There may be times where you may not be notified of a comment even though you've been sending comments on that issue. 

The reason you may not have been notified of the comment is that you are not the assigned agent on the issue. If you have not assigned yourself to the issue or have not been assigned either automatically through property/postcode assignment or another agent assigning the issue to you, you will not receive the notification when it has been sent through by a contractor, occupier or landlord. 

To fix this all you need to do is go to the 'Assignment' tab on the issue and assign yourself to the issue: 

After you have selected yourself as the assigned agent click on the 'Save' Button.

If you wish to understand more about assignments and how you can automatically assign yourself to an issue take a look at this article here

Alternatively, you may wish to check your notification settings within your profile; it could be that the email notification for new comments and/or private notes has been switched off!