It's important that - as agents - you understand how the contractor side of Fixflo works. This guide is aimed to educate you on how contractors can use the 'Comments' tab. 

The 'Comments' tab is a key feature on the Fixflo system as it allows all parties to communicate with each other when an issue is being progressed. 

Comments can be sent at any stage of the issue, even when the issue is closed. 

Comments can only be sent to those involved with the issue. 

When a new comment is received:

When a contractor receives a comment they will receive an email with the comment. Please find an example below: 

They will need to click on 'Click here to reply' - this will log them straight into Fxflo (no credentials required) and they can see more details about that particular issue below: 

They can click on the call to action, this example is 'Enter job start date' if the next step lies with them. 

By clicking on 'Enter job start date' they will be taken straight into the issue on Fixflo, again no credentials will be required.


Who a contractor can send comments to:


If the contractor clicks on the 'Click here to reply' button they will be taken straight into the 'Comments' tab of the issue and they will be able to reply to the message by clicking on the 'Reply' button:

Alternatively they can send messages to anyone else involved with the issue. 

To do this they will be able to use the 'Send to' drop down. 

Contractors can send messages to the agent or the occupier(s) involved with the issue. 

If the issue is marked as 'Visible' on your side of the system this means that the issue will be visible to all other related occupiers (these will be shown on the 'Related' tab on your side of the issue. As a result both yourself and the contractor will have the ability to send messages using the 'Comments' tab to the reporting occupier and any active occupiers who are on the 'Related' tab. Contractors will also have the ability to send messages to 'All occupiers'. Please note that the contractors will not have access to the 'Related' tab - this is only something you have access to. 

If the issue is marked as 'Hidden' then the occupiers on the 'Related' tab will not have visibility of the issue and neither you or the contractor will be able to send messages to the related occupiers. You will only be able to send messages to the related occupier. 

Depending on this issue setting, your contractor will either be able to send a message to all occupiers or just the related occupier.

Any messages sent from the contractor to the occupier(s) and vice versa will be able to be seen by the agent on the 'Comments' tab of the issue - giving you full visibility of all comments sent. 

Contractors will be able to upload documents to comments too.

Keeping an eye on unread comments:

On the top left hand corner of the contractor site they can see an envelope and this will show a notification if there are any unread comments, so that these cannot slip through the cracks: