For the contractor-facing article on what to do when quotes are requested, please click here.

It's important that - as agents - you understand how the contractor side of Fixflo works. This guide is aimed to educate you on what is required from contractors when you instruct works to them.

Email / app notification received

Once you instructed works to a contractor, they will receive an immediate email (or/and push notification if they have downloaded the contractor app) highlighting that they have been asked to submit a provide an appointment date for a job:

The contractor will need to click on 'Enter job start date' which will take them straight into the issue - no password required - and allow them to enter an appointment date. Alternatively they can decline the job, mark the job as complete or provide a quote instead. 

On the issue 

The contractor will be taken straight to the 'Next steps' tab - this is where every party resolves issues. They will be able to see a total of 4 tabs for this issue: The 'Next steps' tab, 'Detail', 'Comments' and 'Appointments'. 

The 'Appointments' tab will be blank for now, until an appointment has been added on the 'Next steps' tab. 

The 'Comments' tab is where the contractor can send a message to either you (the agent) or the occupier. If messages are sent between the occupier and the contractor you will have visibility of this on the 'Comments' tab of the issue on your side. 

The 'Detail' tab will provide the contractor with all of the details about the job - including the contact information of the occupier. 

On the 'Next steps' tab the contractor will now click on 'Set appointment date':

Once clicked, a pop-up will appear requesting some quote information from them: 

Contractors will need to provide the appointment date, time and say whether or not this has been agreed with the occupier. 

Contractors have got access to the occupier contact details and they can always use the 'Comments' tab to arrange the appointment with them. 

On the 'Next steps' tab it says on the left hand side under 'Information' whether or not the occupier would like to be present when the work is carried out.

If the occupier would like to be present and the contractor says that the appointment has not been agreed with the occupier then the occupier will  receive an email with a time and date proposal.

Once the appointment has been set this will then show on the 'Appointments' tab. This can be cancelled and follow up appointments can be added by clicking on 'Add appointment' towards the top of the 'Appointments' page: