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When instructing a job to a contractor, it is important that you leave clear and concise instruction notes and other details, so that the person knows exactly what the job entails. Instruction notes are written when using the workflow 'Instruct works', or when instructing a job after having approved a quote (if you're unfamiliar with these workflows, please click the links available).

However, you may need to amend the original instruction notes to the contractor if more information is received from the reporting party, or if the works required has changed. In order to do this, the issue status must be in 'Job awarded, awaiting appointment date'. Here, the agent has the option to 'Edit instruction details':

Depending on your notification setting for contractors, they may or may not receive an email when instruction notes are amended. Please do refer to the 'Audit' tab of the job to understand if an email has been sent to notify the contractor in this instance.

Should you need to amend the notification for contractors to ensure they receive this email, please do so via Setup > Settings > Notifications > Contractor notification defaults.