There may be times where you will need to send your contractors instruction notes. They may all be the same instruction notes, which may include that they need to wear the correct PPE when doing their works. Fixflo has created a simple way to ensure you include instruction note templates to works. 

To add an instruction note template firstly, you will need administrative rights within Fixflo, you will then need to go to Setup > Templates. Once here you can use the 'Add template' button: 

Add the name of the instruction template as well as the content of the instruction notes you wish to give to your contractors. You can see an example of this below: 

After this is done you will need to click the 'Save' button. This will now allow your templates to show on your Fixflo site and when instructing contractors. 

When instructing works to your contractors you will have the option to select the template by selecting the template where it says 'Instruction notes template': 

After the contractor has been awarded the works, the instruction notes will appear within their 'Job awarded' email as well as in the issue itself. 



Other Instruction Notes Temple Examples:

Please wear the correct PPE when seeing the occupier. This will include a mask and gloves. We would also recommend bringing a bottle of hand sanitiser.
To remind the contractor about a vulnerable occupier
Please be aware that there is a vulnerable occupier at the property which makes, so please try to prioritise this job. 
To explain to a contractor that this is an urgent job
This is an urgent job which needs to be dealt with within the next three working days. 
To ask the contractor to call the agency to agree to a job that may be over the works authorisation limit when on site
Please do call the agency if the costs of the works goes above the authorisation limit which we have set