Industry type - Lettings

Available with - Essentials
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If you import the relevant data, your contractors will have access to Fixflo. This is important so that you can use the workflows available in Fixflo, as well as send and receive comments from your contractors.
But a common question that arises is: what can contractors see?

To begin answering this question, it is important to highlight that contractors have access to their own helpdesk portal:
They can use this - and so can you - to answer any queries on the contractor side of Fixflo. Additionally, they can always contact the Fixflo Support Team with any questions, through the widget in the product.

Contractor Dashboard

Similar to agents, contractors have a dashboard, where they can manage all of the jobs they have in their Fixflo account. This consists of space for only 8 panels and is extremely useful for them to identify tasks they have, and jobs they're due to complete:

If interested, we have a guide specifically on the contractor dashboard here.

An issue from a contractor's side

Within an issue, contractors have a 'Next steps' tab, 'Detail', 'Comments', and 'Appointments'. 

The 'Next steps' tab will provide them with the details of the reporting occupier, as well as the workflow options available to them. This could be to quote, set appointments, decline works, etc.

The 'Detail' tab will provide the contractor with all of the issue details, as well as any instruction notes from yourselves, and details on where/who invoice documents should be addressed to.

The 'Comments' tab allows your contractors to communicate with yourselves or the occupiers, in order to arrange access. Please note - that any comments sent between contractors and occupiers are also visible in your Comments tab.
Contractors cannot send comments to landlords!

The 'Appointments' tab is where your contractors can edit, cancel or add follow-up appointments - you also have this tab on your issues.

What else can contractors see and do?

On their left-hand navigation panel there are various options for contractors:

They have the ability to easily create issues, mark their invoices as paid or unpaid, and look at any service events they are linked to as the contractor to be auto-instructed. In addition, contractors have a calendar, where they can view the jobs they have booked in.

Finally, contractors have an app they can download - for free - on Android and iOS devices. This allows them to manage their tasks and easily keep you informed, even while out and about on jobs. Check out our guides on the Fixflo Contractor App here.