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When a contractor has submitted a quote for a job, they may occasionally need to make amendments to their initial estimate.

If the quotation period has not yet expired, the contractor would be able to just edit or resubmit their quote. However, if the quotation period has ended, you can always extend the quotation period.

Extend The Quotation Period

Once the quotes have been submitted, the issue status will be 'Request for quotes ended':

As an agent, on the 'Next steps' tab the next steps are either to 'Award job' or 'Request quote approval'. If you choose to request quote approval this is either from the landlord or an external user

However there are also a few other options which sit on the 'Next steps' tab underneath 'Request for quotes ended':

To extend the quotation period you will need to select 'Extend quotation period':

You will then be presented with the below pop up. 

You will need to add a future date to the 'Quotes should be received by' box and the 'Work due by date' is optional. 

Then you will click 'Proceed to next step':

The pop-up will look different if you wish to invite back a contractor whose quote you have rejected.

The pop-up shows which contractors you are inviting back for the quote deadline extension.
If they are invited back the pop-up will show a green sign which states 'Quote deadline will be extended' as you can see above. If you wish to uninvite a contractor from the quotes you can untick the box beside there name which will turn the green sign red. It will state 'Contractor will be uninvited and quotes declined' as seen below:

You can see which contractor's quotes you have rejected by going to the 'Quotes' tab along the banner toward the top of the issue page.

Once you've proceeded to the next step the issue status will then change to 'Quotes requested':

The issue status will still lie with you as the agent. You can either click on the 'Contractor' on the 'Next steps' tab and change the quote for them:

You will need to scroll down and click on 'Manage appointments':

By clicking on this you can view their quote, in the 'Quotes' tab. Once here you can edit the contractors quote by clicking edit:

You then have the ability to make changes to the contractor's quote. All you have to do after this is click 'Save and submit quote'. 

Alternatively you can ask the contractor to change their quote. This is the best thing to do as you want to make sure that every party is logging into Fixflo and resolving issues. You will be have to click on the 'Comments' tab to send a comment to the contractor so that they can change their quote:

You will then want to add a comment to let the contractor know that they can either add an additional quote or edit their submitted quote and then press 'Send':

The contractor will receive an email similar to that below:

They can login by clicking 'Click here to reply' which will log them into Fixflo. They will be taken to the 'Comments' tab but can click on the 'Next steps' tab where they can click on 'Manage quotes':

By clicking on this they can make changes to the quote:

The contractor can always click on the 'Comments' tab and send you a comment to let you know that this has been done.