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Sometimes as an agent you will need to reject a quote if you feel you have been given a better option by another contractor or you feel as though the quote is too high. This can be done simply by rejecting the quote from a contractor once they have answered the request for quotes from the agent. It will be up to the agent to select whether the contractor receives an email detailing that they have not been selected for works. 

Firstly to ensure that a contractor receives a notification once a quote has been rejected, you will need to go to People > Contractors. Once here you will need to select your chosen contractor. 

After selecting your chosen contractor you will need to go to their notifications settings towards the top of their profile as shown below. 

When you get on the notifications page you will need to scroll down to 'Sent when a quote is rejected'. And make sure that it is set to 'Send'.

After this is done, whenever the contractor has a quote rejected, they will receive an email stating that the quote will not  be proceeded with by your agency as seen in the example below.