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The comments tab is a key feature of Fixflo Essentials and Professional as it allows you to communicate with all parties on any issues and allows you to add private notes to your issues.

The first thing you'll need to do is go to an issue and click into the comments section towards the top of the screen.

Sending comments

Sending a comment on Fixflo is as easy as it's ever been. You have the ability to select whether you wish to send the issue to all parties or whether you would like it to be sent to an individual. This will include all occupiers registered to the property, external users, interested parties, landlords and contractors. A landlord or a contractor will only be added if they are attached to the issue. To send a comment to another party you will need to select them at the bottom of the 'Comments' tab where it says send to: 

You have the ability to message other agents on the 'Comments' tab section. To do this you will need to enter the name of the agent you wish to send a message to.

When a comment is sent to another party it will look very similar to how messages on iMessage or on Whatsapp will look with a bubble-like appearance:

SMS Comments

There is also the ability to send comments out via SMS. This is increasingly useful in this digital age when everyone has their phone on them; meaning occupiers, contractors, and landlords can easily and immediately be notified of any updates.

To do this, please type in your message, then click the up arrow next to the Send button, and then Send with SMS. This will send an SMS as well as an email. 

All SMS are charged at 4p per text. For more info on our SMS Notifications, please see our guide here.

Who can view comments?

Agent: Can view all comments, including comments between contractors and occupiers, and all private notes. All agents can also see comments that have been sent between other agents. This is great for keeping other agents in the loop especially when they are on holiday or off sick, so you can deal with a maintenance issue on their behalf.

Any third party such as landlords or contractors can only see the comments they have received or have sent themselves. 

If you send a message to another party they will receive an email asking them to reply to the message. They will then need to log into Fixflo to reply to this message. 

Once a comment has been received, you will receive an email and you will get a notification in the top left corner of your Fixflo site. 

Private Notes

If you wish to leave a private note as a reminder for yourself or your colleagues, you can do so by flicking the toggle where it says 'Private note'. You will know a private note is going to be published as the green toggle beside private note is on and the 'Send' button has been changed to a 'Save' button. The option to select a recipient will also disappear, as private notes cannot be send to anyone:

Once a private note has been added, it will display to agent users only; it'll be on lined paper so you can identify that it's a private note. You can also see who has left the note by checking the person's name at the top of the note. The time is also available to see, and the date is provided as comments and notes are grouped by day:

Filtering out comments 

To filter comments by who they have been sent and received by you can click on the dropdown in the top left of the 'Comments' tab.  This will give you the option of filtering the comments by all of the parties that are attached to the issue:

Load more comments

Once your comments have reached a certain limit, you may no longer be able to see them in the comments section. To view more of your comments you will need to click on 'Load more comments' at the top of the 'Comments' tab. This will load previous comments that have been sent and received further up the page. Once you've clicked on 'Load more comments' all you will need to do is scroll up the screen to see the previous comments sent:  

If you wish to quickly scroll down the bottom of the 'Comments tab' you can do so by clicking on the little arrow button in the bottom right. It will take you to the last message/private note that was sent:

Please note that if you're using Fixflo Professional, you will now have the ability to use templates for comments.
Find our article on this here.

If you're interested in Fixflo Professional, feel free to watch this short Overview video and contact or your account manager.