As with your email signatures, Fixflo allows you to add signatures to your profile that can be seen within the comments tabs. Signatures can be very useful as they can direct another party to your agency website or you can have your telephone number in there.

To add a signature to your profile or that of your colleagues you will need administrator rights. If you have these permissions you will need to go to an agent's profile and make the change there.

To change your own signature you need to click on the three dots beside your name which will allow you to view your profile:

Once on your profile, you will need to scroll down to where it says 'Default comment signature'. here you will be able to add the text you wish to be in your signature

Once you're done with this, click 'Save' at the bottom of the page. Please do bear in mind that there is a character limit on the amount of text you can put in there.

Now whenever you go to send a comment in the 'Comments' tab, your signature will automatically appear:

All that's left to do is complete your message and hit the send button. This will automatically add the signature to the message.