Available with - Professional

Industry type - all

Please note, this feature is only available on Fixflo Professional and Fixflo Manager packages. Please email support@fixflo.com or your CSM for more information.


Introduction to using templates for comments: 

The 'Comments' tab is a key feature on Fixflo as this allows you to communicate with all parties on an issue. 

You can save time by creating templates for comments which you send, meaning that you can easily import templates you've created, rather than typing comments which you send frequently. 

Creating a template:

Templates can be created by Administrator users. To do this simply click on 'Setup' > 'Templates'. You will be taken directly into the 'Comments' tab and this is where you can easily add any templates which you need by clicking on 'Add template'. 

Simply add the template name and the content and then press 'Save':

Please note that any agent will be able to use these templates on the 'Comments' tab on an issue. 

Selecting a template:

Once created, the templates can easily be imported when you are sending comments to different parties within an issue.

Simply click into an issue, click on the 'Comments' tab and you will be able to easily select a template to send:

These templates can only be used for when you send a comment.