Sometimes when it comes to resolving issues on Fixflo, you may not want your other occupiers to know that there are other issues at the property. 

To stop other occupiers from viewing issues raised at their property go to Setup > Settings > Issue VIsibility. To be able to do this you will need administrative rights. 

Once on Issue Visibility, you will be given the option to allow occupiers at the same property to see issues raised by someone else.

If you do not want your occupiers to see issues reported by others you would need to select 'No' and click the 'save settings' button toward the bottom.

Per-issue basis

Issue visibility can also be changed on a per-issue basis. If you wish to change this within an issue all you will need to do is go to the eye icon on an issue which will show you whether or not the issue is visible or hidden. If you wish to change this simply click on where it says issue visibility on the 'Next Steps' tab:

Changing issue visibility can also change the way contractors can send comments to occupiers. As the contractor would only be able to contact the occupier that had raised the issue.