Industry type - all

Available with - all

Please note this feature is available within the Fixflo Manager package. Please email or your CSM for more details.

If you want to know how to create custom saved searches please review this guide here.

To help you create the best custom dashboards possible, please find a list of issue-specific examples and options available, that might be useful to include for your business and team.

Driving effective prioritisation of remedials

The Fixflo planned maintenance tool allows you to put through cyclic planned works to ensure you are compliant with statutory requirements. Often remedial works are required after the initial visit, so it is important that you have visibility of remedial jobs open.

Via Issue search, you have the ability to filter by 'Issue type'. Here, you will be able to isolate all of the currently 'Open' remedials and save the search as required:

Tracking overdue remedials

If you'd like to have visibility of your overdue remedial jobs - which are therefore more urgent - you can apply the filter 'overdue' to the above saved search, and select the volume of days/weeks/months as required:

Tracking remedials over time

From a Property Manager point of view, it may be useful to analyse and track the volume trends of remedial works over time, for example month-on-month.

To create this saved search, you'd need to use Issue search and filter by Issue type = remedial. Ensure that the search saves all issues regardless of whether they're open or closed. When configuring the dashboard panel, you can use a line graph grouped by 'Created date' to track these as required (week/month/quarter/year).